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Tunnels and Mind Control


I have always looked for the most perfect truth. When I was a reporter, I wouldn’t allow anyone to twist the meaning of my stories in promotions, if I could control it. That’s why fiction has been so much fun! I can actually make up whatever I want, bring witty creatures to life and take my readers on a fantastic journey. But even in fiction, a writer must hold on to certain truths about relationships, nature and good vs evil.

So even though I now have license to create whatever characters and world I want, my moral compass still guides me to the TRUTH. Being a sci-fi fan, I look outside the box for hidden truths. Hidden realities are what my writing is all about, things I imagine could be cloaked by our manufactured world.

A strange thing is happening. The themes in Smiling Ghosts are about to be exposed as truth, not exactly as they are in the book, but disturbingly close. My book deals with masked intellectuals who have rewritten history to control humanity, tunnels where people are held in confinement with their minds controlled by machines and a deadly disease intentionally released to reduce the human population. Aliens are living among us.

I realize this has been the stuff of “conspiracy theories” (in reality, theories of TRUTH) for many years, but it’s being pushed to the surface along with hidden technologies. This has left me waiting for a conclusion. The truth seeker in me saw so much in common with my fantastical story and the truth that I couldn’t go forward with my make-believe because I was afraid my fantastic world would just seem WRONG.

But I realize that this TRUTH, when it comes, won’t be easily digestible for everyone. Some may even reject it entirely. So I am moving forward with the crazy reality that will be the Smiling Ghosts series. Perhaps it will be a fun alternative history, or a primer for those who are just getting used to the idea that the world is nothing like we thought it was.

I have been obsessed with the truth and I have found much proof that our world is not what we think. The story of history was indeed controlled and rewritten like in my book.  I’m going to share this with you as I continue with my writing.

Remember, don’t approach life from an overly humble point of view. You are a human! That’s a wonderful thing. You are amazing and I suspect we are capable of far more than we realize.  So smile and know you are a creative, smart and kind being! Anyone who tells you differently is not telling the truth.

Bridgette Ehly

Government confirmation of E.T.’s is coming soon

How do I know? Because the leaks have already begun. I’ll share some good ones below. 

I’m a former TV news reporter so I know a subtle clue when I hear it, and I’m good at sniffing out lies. When a so-called expert makes fun of a theory instead of respectfully refuting it, you know you’re on to something. Wow, are we seeing a lot of that!

At the end of this entry I’ll share the Most Important thing to remember as the truth of aliens among us comes to light.

Remember that the government, (military intelligence, President, CIA, etc.) can’t just dump all this information on the public at one time. People would totally freak out. You and I are way ahead of the curve compared to the general population, but even we might get a little scared without some time to digest it all.

I know, you’re thinking, “I can handle it just fine. Thank you.” But let’s be honest.

I’ve been watching the skies and waiting for years to see these guys. So believe me, I want something to happen.

The other night as I watched the sky, I saw that the stars seemed to be acting as a veil for an unnatural shape. For a quick instant, I thought I saw an actual craft and it scared the heck out of me! I was alone at night and totally vulnerable.

Look at it from the aliens’ point of view. (I think there’s more than one species- just like in my book). They want to approach us, but how do they go about doing it delicately?

One way is to work with our own governments to slowly reveal their presence.

Remember a while back when the Department of Defense released this video? It’s a great clip for its purpose, conditioning us to the idea of aliens among us.

It’s a fun video. The pilots are having a great time and don’t seem a bit threatened by by this alien vehicle zipping through the sky. It makes me wonder if it might be advanced US technology that the pilots have heard rumors about but have never seen before. Either way, those guys weren’t scared and the video makes us want to get in on the fun.

So that’s how the government is prepping us. What about the aliens? What are they doing to help in the big reveal? Orb sightings are skyrocketing. These fanciful, even beautiful objects (or images) hint that we have nothing to fear.

 But maybe there is something to fear. Check out this recent game of “show-and-tell” by a UFO in Myrtle Beach Florida.

So what are they trying to tell us? 

I don’t think they are hiding behind that lightning storm. I think they are telling us that they created the storm. Doesn’t the electrical energy  seem to emanate from the ship that’s veiled by the clouds? There are more videos on Youtube that show UFO’s revealing themselves inside thunderstorms.

We’ve had three years in a row of abnormally intense hurricane seasons. If you can manipulate weather, you can also cause droughts and flooding that affect food production and population.

Again, this could be Earth-based technology that’s finally about to be revealed, but have no doubt, something non-human is at play around our globe.

The most telling thing I’ve heard recently came from the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn. See if you can catch the big hint he gives us.

“Those who oppose our fundamental principles could take us down in the snap of a finger.”

I thought the United States was supposed to be not just a super-power, but THE super power of the world! If that’s the case, who has the power to “take us down in the snap of a finger?”

He must be talking about technology that’s out of this world. And if they can take us down, what’s stopping them? Are we at some critical juncture where we must prove that we are worthy of life in order for them to not “take us down?” General Flynn seems to think so.

So it’s time for us to show these E.T.’s what we’re made of. Acknowledging that we are not the only intelligent creatures in the universe is a good start.

Oh, and the most important thing to remember is that these alien beings are mortal. They are not gods. In fact, they may not be any smarter than we are. They may be less creative than humans. If there’s more than one species, they are likely very different creatures.

The worst aliens in my Smiling Ghosts series are bad guys who stole their technology. They pretend to be superior, but are not.

My point is, don’t approach this from an overly humble point of view. You are a human! That’s a wonderful thing. You are amazing and I suspect we are capable of far more than we realize. (More on that later.)

So smile and know you are a creative, smart and kind being! Anyone who tells you differently is not telling the truth.

Speaking of Alien Disclosure, I want to give everybody a quick reminder that my new book, Smiling Ghosts (part 1) is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

Working-class girl, Miranda, suspects something is very strange about her elite new school. Things spiral into a nightmare when her obsession with old photographs puts her at odds with deceivers from another world.

While conducting research, Miranda discovers a fake historic photo of a beautiful young woman. When she shows the photo to her friend, Leo, he says it’s a clue to the greatest lie ever told. He convinces her the world is not what it seems. Deceptive creatures control the school and most of the earth. 

After years of preparation, their deadly plan to destroy humanity is finally in motion. Can Miranda and Leo outsmart and outfight the intellectual beings that keep humans in the dark? Will Miranda finally learn Leo’s greatest secret?

Miranda’s battle takes her into ancient, high-tech tunnels that hold a bizarre surprise at every turn. Miranda will not emerge until she confronts a terrifying monster who charms the darkest part of the human heart.

For an amazing adventure of love and courage (with a villain you’ll love to hate) buy Smiling Ghosts now!


I think our special mission on this ball of mass flying through space is to discover and ultimately commune with entities, powers, and beings that evade our normal physical senses but are none the less present.  Every time the hair stands up on the back of your neck, you see a fleeting shape from the corner of you eye, or you turn around suddenly to see what is looking at you, some sensory perception we don’t understand has alerted you to a presence.  I think as we further explore and learn about these perceptions and feelings we will discover another dimension of beings that want to interact with us and from who we have much to learn.  I look forward to other posts to this site exploring these weird but normal experiences.

What I am wondering about and researching currently is the change to the timeline a few years back that has mixed us up with a parallel world.  The term has been called the Mandela effect and much has been written about it.  Some pretty lame examples exist on the web but I personally found old paint spots from a room I painted years ago that I know were not there before.  I also have people that I am close to that have completely different recollections of events that occurred in the past, events that we shared.  If you haven’t heard much about it do a search and check it out!  I would be interested if anyone has personal things that they have noticed.

Energy Vampires

A teenager I know says he’s tired of being sucked dry by what he calls “Energy Vampires!” He was at an event that required him to smile and hug several older people. Aside from the usual pain that comes from that kind of interaction, he complained that the old folks had literally stolen his energy.

He also shuts down around outgoing people, and claims they feed off of his energy in order to maintain their high level of energy output.

An outgoing person once told me she stays away from quiet people because they drain her! She claims she is unfairly required to provide all the energy for the interaction.

Who is right?

Scientists say our bodies are powder kegs of tiny, opposing parts held together by a mysterious thing called strong energy. In fact, electricity courses through us and we create kinetic energy with our movements.

Perhaps it’s not just kinetic and electromagnetic energy that’s being passed around. Dark energy is hypothesized to make up 68 percent of the energy in the observable universe, and we don’t know enough about it to say for certain that it exists.

Maybe we can steal or give away an unknown type of particle that’s invisible, but very real.

I see something like this in what we perceive as mood. If I’m in a great mood and my husband is in a rotten one, I can usually fight off his bad “vibe” for an hour or two. Eventually, the powers within me break down and my mood sours. Invariably, when this happens, his mood brightens. Is it possible that he transferred something to me because I opened myself to receive it?

Call it mood or call it energy, things are going around. Sometimes this energy carries thoughts. Perhaps we usually pick up thoughts from those closest to us because we let down our guard to receive them.

My book series will include aliens who feed off what we perceive as emotional energy. Is this a skill we humans may someday acquire? Or do you think we already possess it?



Fan of the Strange

I love reading fantasy and sci-fi, so I’m excited about this site. I haven’t had any really weird things happen to me yet, but there is still time.

No Stranger To The Weird

I’m a journalist and writer, and no stranger to the weird and unexplained. I’ve seen enough to know life itself is a magical story. Where one person sees a yucky bug, another sees an alien living among us, a friendly monster with amazing strength.

As a firefly takes off from your hand, feel it push against you and appreciate the connection you’ve created with a different being. Turn over a rotting log and see what lives in the cool, wet world that is hidden.

What other things are hidden among us? Perhaps ghosts, aliens, and undiscovered forms of communication.

I personally witnessed a shadowy ghost when I was a teenager. An invisible ghost shoved my husband after playing with his travel alarm clocks. My sister-in-law once saw a child in old-fashioned clothing disappear. A bright, silent U.F.O. stalked my brother.

Just because we can’t explain something doesn’t mean we can’t research and ponder what is happening, and in my case, write about it.

I am about to publish a series of novels that imagine aliens are manipulating our lives. Fantasy is fun, and so is creating out-of-this-world characters. Some you will love, others you will love to hate.

Here’s a hint: Miranda is a free-spirited freshman at the University of Chicago. She’s crazy about her new boyfriend, Leo, until she finds a black and white photograph of him with Adolf Hitler at a rocket laboratory. She thinks it’s a hoax, until Leo drugs her and ties her to his sofa. He claims to be an alien, one of thousands living on Earth in artificial bodies…

Please be watching for the release of these books in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, have fun wondering about the unexplained. Enjoy our world; from bugs on leaves to weird things you see floating through the air.

I love exploring nature with my husband, teenaged kids, and dogs Ace and Pip. There is always something new to discover in our forest home outside Louisville, Kentucky.