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Mysterious Blue Orb/UFO up close!


I took some video with my phone a few days ago at a nearby neighborhood concert. When I moved the phone out of the direct light, a mysterious blue sphere bounced through the bottom of the screen.

In my 15 years as a TV news reporter I’ve never seen anything like this on video. Admittedly, the news cameras in my reporter days had technology different from the iPhone, but it was still digital technology. I think the blue ball is very weird, and here’s why.

I searched the internet for any mention of a blue ball bouncing on iPhone video and found none. I would think if this were a technical glitch, there would be some mention of it.

When I freeze the video and zoom in on the sphere, it has irregular, steamy blue edges, as if it’s burning or emitting energy. If this was a lighting or video effect or echo, I would expect to see the edge diminish in clarity or repeat.

At the end of the video, notice how I zoom in on the background. If it were a light distortion within the lens, I would expect the sphere to stay within the frame. Instead, it moves out of the bottom of the frame as I zoom in, just like an independent object would do.

I carefully watched the motion of the sphere, and although the movement was erratic and it was close to the bottom of the frame, it did not appear to be about to exit the frame at the precise moment I zoomed.

It looks as if my zoom moved the camera’s focus away from an independent object.

So what to make of this mystery… Blue lights are common in UFO sightings, and this could be classified as a very odd example of a Foo Fighter. It’s commonly believed that Foo Fighters monitor human activity. This concert was an unusual event for a quiet residential neighborhood.

What I think is fascinating is that it became visible just as the light source for the camera was reduced by the big houses in the background. Some might say that explains the effect in the first place. But it may also explain why the camera was able to capture the object.

Cloaking is the use of some material (or gas or liquid or energy) that makes an object invisible. Typically, when we think of alien cloaking, we think of something so advanced that it could never be detected. But maybe it’s simpler than that.

I certainly believe that aliens must have superior technology in order to get here, but maybe it’s not as advanced as we think. Or maybe they use more organic means to hide their existence or their small, blue probes.

The TV show Brain Games showed us how our brains can be fooled into not seeing objects right in front of us.

In the bright blue sunshine, moving in a specific way, the sphere might be completely invisible. When the lighting changed, my camera was able capture

an image my eyes couldn’t.

So was it real or a video glitch? Was it alien or human technology?

I tried to find the latest information on cloaking technology. In 2015 a professor at The University of California, San Diego, developed a thin, non-metal material that manipulates electromagnetic waves, including visible light!

That article is two years old. No updates. Hmmmm… Maybe we’re not supposed to know how the research has evolved.

Are the government and high tech companies spying on us? You bet. Do they have this level of technology? Maybe not. But if we humans are this close, it’s probably child’s play for the aliens.

One more thought. Why did I happen to see this when I was trying to think of a great blog topic? Maybe the aliens fed it to me so that I could pass it on to you.









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