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Mysterious Blue Orb/UFO up close!

  I took some video with my phone a few days ago at a nearby neighborhood concert. When I moved the phone out of the direct light, a mysterious blue sphere bounced through the bottom of the screen. In my 15 years as a TV news reporter I’ve never seen anything like this on video. […]


Energy Vampires

A teenager I know says he’s tired of being sucked dry by what he calls “Energy Vampires!” He was at an event that required him to smile and hug several older people. Aside from the usual pain that comes from that kind of interaction, he complained that the old folks had literally stolen his energy. […]


No Stranger To The Weird

I’m a journalist and writer, and no stranger to the weird and unexplained. I’ve seen enough to know life itself is a magical story. Where one person sees a yucky bug, another sees an alien living among us, a friendly monster with amazing strength. As a firefly takes off from your hand, feel it push […]

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I think our special mission on this ball of mass flying through space is to discover and ultimately commune with entities, powers, and beings that evade our normal physical senses but are none the less present.  Every time the hair stands up on the back of your neck, you see a fleeting shape from the […]

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Fan of the Strange

I love reading fantasy and sci-fi, so I’m excited about this site. I haven’t had any really weird things happen to me yet, but there is still time.