Flat Earth Theory is a Weapon

I’m a science fiction writer, and I suspect that outrageous ideas like modern Flat Earth Theory are circulated, and then ridiculed, to silence anyone who questions mainstream science.

Just for fun, imagine that the modern flat earth story was created to cover up the fact that the earth is actually a giant ocean surrounded by an ice wall and that it is located on the southern axis of a humongous spherical planet. Picture it being where Antarctica is on Earth. It would still have the curvature of that giant planet and we would still face away from the sun at night as the giant planet rotates.

This would mean that the southern axis of the giant planet would tilt somewhat toward the sun, and the rest of the planet would, presumably, be covered in snow and ice. From outer space, it would look like a giant, blue eyeball! Imagine if it had a twin planet nearby…it would look like two eyes. Maybe the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus…But I’m getting off point…

I’m not saying this is the case. It’s a reflection of my imagination, but what if it was true? How would you keep it a secret?

I’ll tell you how. You would simply make up a half-truth like Flat Earth Theory and promote it online, and then the media would viciously criticize those who come to believe it. The result: Anyone who develops a similar theory would be ashamed to pursue a scientific investigation or even mention it!

This system of manipulation could be used for any type of belief. If you don’t want someone to believe or support something, then simply associate that belief with something negative. Why do you think the media, during the Vietnam War, made it appear that everyone involved in the anti-war movement was a promiscuous drug addicted hippie? It was so that respectable, middle-class people wouldn’t get involved and support the movement!

Another great example is the January sixth Insurrection at the US Capitol Building. News is filtering out that the insurrection part of the rally may have actually been coordinated or staged by federal agents, but the event already served its purpose. It caused many Americans who suspected the election was rigged to be afraid, or at least hesitant, to say so because they don’t want to be associated with violent “insurrectionists.” We were told to stop making a fuss about electoral “issues” and move on with the Biden Presidency. Politicians now had an excuse to do the same.

This system of misrepresenting the opposition keeps us from criticizing mainstream science, history, political thought and just about every lever of control in our world….whatever shape it is.


Note of interest:

The highest ice dome in Antarctica is called Dome Argus. Argus is English for, “a watchful guardian.”