The Cancer Bomb We Carry Inside Us

Odds are you are already infected with a virus that is believed to cause many types of cancer, including Burkitt Lymphoma, the disease that disfigured the child in the photo. Scientists estimate that 96 percent of us carry the Epstein/Barr virus, or EBV. We usually get it when we are young and don’t even realize it, but those who get it when they are teenagers often suffer from infectious mononucleosis, “The Kissing Disease.” Unfortunately, there is nothing romantic about EBV.

Researchers say EBV also causes Multiple Sclerosis, autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes. It is even linked to Schizophrenia!

What is frightening is that even more cancers are traced to EBV than previously thought and they differ among populations around the world. So far, they include nose cancer in southern China, and stomach cancers in Japan, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in Iran and Western countries, and possibly breast cancer in the United States.

Doctors say EBV is the foundational virus that can cause cancer…if the right “ingredient” is added.

The Serpent System and Money Deception

What is it about maps that draws our attention? Each of my kids has one in their bedroom, and my husband wallpapered a giant world map in the kitchen. At mealtime, we often refer to it and talk about the exotic places we’d like to visit. It seems every time we look over the peninsulas and mountain ranges, we see a new city or lake we had not yet discovered.

I recently noticed that argent, the French word for “money,” was hidden in the name of Argentina in South America. I only knew this because I took a little French in school. I wondered, is Argentina named after money? This awakened my curiosity about other names on the map.

This discovery coincided with my general alarm over the GameStop stock scandal. Money, in all its forms, was on my mind. If you don’t know the details of that event, it suffices to say that some regular people figured out a way to make the stock market system work in their favor. By using their wits, they were actually going win big and make a lot of money. When the market ringleaders realized that wealthy investors were about to lose a lot of money, they changed the rules and slammed the door on the regular folks.

These inside operators pulled back a corner of the veil that hides the world’s monetary control and showed us, perhaps for the first time, that the system is rigged. Even their media stooges couldn’t figure out how to cover it up.

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