The Cancer Bomb We Carry Inside Us



Odds are you are already infected with a virus that is believed to cause many types of cancer, including Burkitt Lymphoma, the disease that disfigured the child in the photo. Scientists estimate that 96 percent of us carry the Epstein/Barr virus, or EBV. We usually get it when we are young and don’t even realize it, but those who get it when they are teenagers often suffer from Infectious Mononucleosis, “The Kissing Disease.” Unfortunately, there is nothing romantic about EBV.


Researchers say EBV also causes Multiple Sclerosis, autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes. It is even linked to Schizophrenia!


What is frightening is that even more cancers are traced to EBV than previously thought and they differ among populations around the world. So far, they include nose cancer in southern China, and stomach cancers in Japan, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in Iran and Western countries, and possibly breast cancer in the United States.

Doctors say EBV is the foundational virus that can cause cancer…if the right “ingredient” is added.

That ingredient, or trigger, can be another disease that damages our immune system or simply an environmental factor such as pollution.


Sir Anthony Epstein, the doctor who discovered Epstein/Barr Virus, said, “If you disturb the host/virus balance in any way, then changes take place which lead to very unpleasant consequences.” We can only wonder what new cancers could evolve if the right “co-factor” were to be introduced into our environment and our bodies.

In the 1960s, children in Uganda began to die from what Dr. Epstein described as a new cancer called, Burkitt Lymphoma. The disease causes a horrible swelling of the jaws and has killed thousands of children in Africa. Dr Epstein guessed that the lymphoma was brought about by a virus, but he had no idea which one.

Dr. Epstein and his assistant, Yvonne Barr, began receiving human tissue samples of the Burkitt Lymphoma at their hospital lab in London and eventually discovered the previously unknown Epstein/Barr virus in 1964.


Dr. Epstein said that the trigger disease in Uganda that triggered the Burkitt Lymphoma was endemic Malaria. He said the combination of Malaria with EBV is the reason so many children died. Only after their immune systems were damaged could the virus provoke lymphoid cells into malignant growth.


This prompted me to wonder if EBV could be used for population control. If virtually everyone has EBV, different “trigger diseases” could be introduced into targeted areas deemed to be overpopulated.


My suspicions intensified when I watched separate interviews of Dr. Epstein and Ms. Barr from 2014, the 50th anniversary of the EBV discovery. These two “scientific experts” gave entirely different accounts of how their historic discovery was made. I realize they were advanced in age, but this is not a simple error in memory. Ms. Barr gave specific details that conflict with Dr. Epstein’s story on several points.


On BBC radio, Dr. Epstein said that back in the 1960s, when he was searching to identify the virus that caused Burkitt Lymphoma, he had “an amazing stroke of luck.” One of the flights bringing in samples from Uganda was diverted to another airport because of fog and so it didn’t arrive until late on a Friday afternoon. It looked, at first, to be “cloudy and contaminated,” and he was afraid it was ruined by multiplying bacteria. But upon inspection under a microscope that same night, he saw huge numbers of free-floating, healthy tumor cells.


The weather delay allowed the human cancer cells to be, as Dr. Epstein said, “shaken free from the cut edges of the sample on the long journey.” For the first time ever, human lymphocytes were being grown in a continuous culture in a lab! Dr. Epstein now had fresh lymphoma cells that he could use to search for the mystery virus. The following February, he examined them in the electron microscope and immediately saw a cell with virus particles. He said he recognized them as an unknown type of herpesvirus. He had found the elusive virus that caused the Burkitt Lymphoma!


Via satellite, Yvonne Barr also gave an interview recalling the discovery of the Epstein/Barr Virus, but her story is very different. Remember how Dr. Epstein said it was an airplane delay due to fog that gave the cells an opportunity to grow. That was the key to the whole discovery. Yvonne Barr, however, said the samples “usually” arrived late on Friday nights. How could she forget such an important part of the story?


She said the cancer samples had to be cultured immediately and were put into different media and glass containers with different shapes. She said, “There was no pressure. Every day we cultured and observed our cells, and one day, some of them were glistening, which was thought to be a sign of life. There was great excitement.”


Dr. Epstein said the samples looked contaminated, but he saw the growth of the cells under a microscope immediately after they arrived. Ms. Barr says it was the result of patiently waiting for something to grow. These are two very different stories with multiple inconsistencies. Did Ms. Barr also forget the ground-breaking discovery of how to grow human lymphocytes in a lab? It’s just not possible the two stories would be so different, unless the story is made up to begin with.


There is another problem with Dr. Epstein’s account. In his interview, he gave a very specific date that the growing sample arrived (because it was so historic), Friday the fifth of December, 1963. But the fifth of Dec. 1963 was a Thursday, not a Friday. Did they think no one would ever check?


Why have so many new cancers evolved in the last several decades? Sir Epstein said, “Each of these cancers that has emerged, has come just out of the blue to have a connection [to EBV].”


According to the BBC, at the time of the EBV discovery, in the 1960’s, there was a huge World Health Organization (WHO) screening program of 37,000 children in Uganda for seven years. It recorded all the children who developed Burkitt Lymphoma. The discovery of Epstein/Barr Virus provided an explanation for why so many children got this new kind of cancer, for why so many children were dying this horrific death.


Dr. Epstein is listed as a graduate of St. Paul’s School and the University of Cambridge, but I can’t find him included in online lists of those schools’ distinguished graduates. Sir Epstein was knighted for his service but doesn’t earn a mention on the school lists? says he served in the Royal Army Medical Corps. from 1945 until 1947. A two-year enlistment?


Why are there so few photos of Sir Epstein and Ms. Barr online? I realize their public appearances would have been made decades ago, but there’s virtually nothing. Greater suspicion comes from Dr. Epstein’s connection to the political organization, Humanists UK.

The Humanists UK website describes Dr. Epstein as a patron and an active participant in at least one of their programs which encourage the public to implicitly trust the scientific community.

A former president of the organization was Julian Huxley, a devout eugenicist (eugenicists develop programs to kill off undesirable humans). Julian Huxley was also a former British intelligence officer (once intelligence, always intelligence, right?). He was the first director of UNESCO, a United Nations agency tasked with making sure human beings don’t damage the Earth’s natural systems.


Let me repeat, a known eugenicist was the first director of a UN agency that runs programs in Africa!


Huxley discovered in 1924 that wildlife in the Serengeti was almost undisturbed because the tsetse fly caused Sleeping Sickness, a disease caused by a parasite that killed thousands of people. I suspect this greatly inspired Huxley, the future president of the British Eugenics Society.


In Man in the Modern World (1941) Huxley wrote, “The lowest strata, allegedly less well-endowed genetically, are reproducing relatively too fast. Therefore birth-control methods must be taught them; they must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive…”


Huxley’s whole family seemed to believe in “Survival of the Fittest.” This term, coined by someone else, was used by Charles Darwin to describe his theories about natural selection. Huxley’s grandfather was a famous Darwin proponent, and his brother was literary figure Aldous Huxley. Aldous wrote the novel, Brave New World, which imagines a future where people are bred into biological castes, ranging from smart and beautiful down to ugly and very dumb laborers.


Around the time of World War II, Humanist organizations “publicly” changed their tune on eugenics, but you can bet they are still working to reduce human populations. Parasites that are also carried in cattle, or viruses, could easily be injected into Third World populations through eugenics operations disguised as medical relief programs.


Sleeping Sickness, mentioned above, is caused by a parasite of the Trypanosoma family. Another parasite from that same family causes Chagas Disease, mostly in Latin America. This parasite can go undetected for decades and cause heart disease and heart failure. Victims often die without knowing the cause.


Chagas Disease can also cause nerve, esophagus and colon damage. Most people don’t realize they have it, so they don’t seek treatment while the parasites continue to replicate until the person’s immune system is overwhelmed. Destroying the natural immune system appears to be the key to bringing about these big “death events.”


Large scale population movements are bringing Chagas disease into the United States and Europe. Luckily, this hidden disease can be managed using anti-parasitic drugs. As with Sleeping Sickness, there is no vaccine for humans.


One has to wonder, why do we have quickly produced, RNA vaccines for today’s novel Corona Virus, but nearly 60 years after its discovery, no vaccines are developed for Epstein/Barr Virus that is linked to so many deaths? Nor do we have vaccines for these parasitic ailments that kill people by the tens of thousands in the Third World.


Perhaps, the powers that be want to keep Epstein/Barr Virus inside all of us, so that populations can be reduced with tailored precision to fit labor needs and preserve natural resources.


Maybe the Epstein/Barr Virus wasn’t discovered in a lab by Sir Anthony and Ms. Barr, but was instead secretly developed somewhere else. Evidence is filtering down that that could be what happened with Covid-19 in the Wuhan, China lab. Or is that fiction, too?


You may say, this was nearly 60 years ago! They couldn’t develop viruses back then. I was surprised to discover that the first report of a genetically modified virus that could also “replicate and infect” was submitted for publication in 1974 by Lady Noreen Parker Murray and her husband, Kenneth Murray. Only the insiders truly know what they could do in the 1950s and 1960s. And the story of EBV keeps getting scarier. Researchers now say it can affect the functioning of our DNA.*


Consider a completely different possibility:  Since EBV is so common, it could be used as a cover for different modes of genocide such as parasites and bacterial infections, most of which can be injected. The WHO can blame the deaths on Epstein/Barr Virus which they say is so complex that they haven’t been able to develop a vaccine for it. Given the deceptiveness of our “infectious disease experts,” anything is possible.


I found a paper published in 2015 by Frontiers in Microbiology, a respected, peer-reviewed journal, that says EBV is not present in all cases of Burkitt Lymphoma. If that’s the case, it may not be the cause.


Keep in mind that federal government organizations have killed people in the past. The eugenicists with the US Public Health Service (forerunner to the National Institutes of Health and the CDC) withheld treatment and let black-American men go blind and die from syphilis in the 1930s. As recently as 2013, according to USA Today, female prison inmates in California were sterilized without their consent.


A 2011 PBS article says: U.S. government doctors intentionally infected prisoners in Guatemala with syphilis, disabled people in Connecticut with hepatitis and hospital patients in New York with cancer cells, according to a review of medical journal reports from the 1930s to the 1970s. Associated Press reporters reviewed four decades of medical journals and found more than 40 studies that by modern standards would have been deemed unethical.


If you believe eugenicists, under the guise of public health officials, killed and injured people just a few decades ago, it’s not hard to believe they are still at it. Consider this famous quote by insider Aldous Huxley: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.”


By mad, he meant “crazy.” He is describing a truth so terrible that it could make people lose their minds. Truth can be horrifying, and many of us would rather look away. The powerful people who control mainstream science and news want us to fear the truth. They know that if we fear the truth, we will never pursue it.


A documentary about the Spanish Influenza Epidemic that aired on PBS** cited a letter written by Dr. John Tappan of the US Public Health Service (This is the same agency I mentioned above that allowed  black men to suffer and die. It eventually became the NIH and CDC). Dr. Tappan was stationed in El Paso, Texas, where Mexican-Americans were put into an old school building that was turned into a makeshift hospital.


Tappan’s letter to a colleague in Europe, read, “The Mexicans died like sheep. Whole families were exterminated.


Died like sheep. How does a sheep die? It is passively and trustingly led to its slaughter.


Exterminated?  Interesting choice of words. Maybe, just maybe, Tappan meant exactly what he wrote.


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—Once we know that a cartel has lied to us, we must, by the rules of logic, contemplate what other deceptions have been perpetrated.—

* A study released in 2018 from Cincinnati Children’s research hospital found: When viral and bacterial infections strike, our bodies respond by commanding B cells within our immune systems to crank out antibodies to battle the invaders. However, when EBV infections occur, something unusual happens. The EBV virus invades the B cells themselves, re-programs them, and takes over control of their functions. 

** We Heard The Bells: The Influenza of 1918. Produced and distributed by the Department of Health and Human Services (2010). (I never knew U.S. government agencies produced PBS documentaries.)






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