No Stranger To The Weird

I’m a journalist and writer, and no stranger to the weird and unexplained. I’ve seen enough to know life itself is a magical story. Where one person sees a yucky bug, another sees an alien living among us, a friendly monster with amazing strength.

As a firefly takes off from your hand, feel it push against you and appreciate the connection you’ve created with a different being. Turn over a rotting log and see what lives in the cool, wet world that is hidden.

What other things are hidden among us? Perhaps ghosts, aliens, and undiscovered forms of communication.

I personally witnessed a shadowy ghost when I was a teenager. An invisible ghost shoved my husband after playing with his travel alarm clocks. My sister-in-law once saw a child in old-fashioned clothing disappear. A bright, silent U.F.O. stalked my brother.

Just because we can’t explain something doesn’t mean we can’t research and ponder what is happening, and in my case, write about it.

I am about to publish a series of novels that imagine aliens are manipulating our lives. Fantasy is fun, and so is creating out-of-this-world characters. Some you will love, others you will love to hate.

Here’s a hint: Miranda is a free-spirited freshman at the University of Chicago. She’s crazy about her new boyfriend, Leo, until she finds a black and white photograph of him with Adolf Hitler at a rocket laboratory. She thinks it’s a hoax, until Leo drugs her and ties her to his sofa. He claims to be an alien, one of thousands living on Earth in artificial bodies…

Please be watching for the release of these books in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, have fun wondering about the unexplained. Enjoy our world; from bugs on leaves to weird things you see floating through the air.

I love exploring nature with my husband, teenaged kids, and dogs Ace and Pip. There is always something new to discover in our forest home outside Louisville, Kentucky.





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