Energy Vampires

A teenager I know says he’s tired of being sucked dry by what he calls “Energy Vampires!” He was at an event that required him to smile and hug several older people. Aside from the usual pain that comes from that kind of interaction for teenagers, he complained that the older folks had literally stolen his energy.

He also shuts down around outgoing people, and claims they feed off of his energy in order to maintain their high level of energy output.

An outgoing person once told me she stays away from quiet people because they drain her! She claims she is unfairly required to provide all the energy for the interaction.

Who is right?

Scientists say our bodies are powder kegs of tiny, opposing parts held together by a mysterious thing called strong energy. In fact, electricity courses through us and we create kinetic energy with our movements.

Perhaps it’s not just kinetic and electromagnetic energy that’s being passed around. Dark energy is hypothesized to make up 68 percent of the energy in the observable universe, and we don’t know enough about it to say for certain that it exists.

Maybe we can steal or give away an unknown type of particle that’s invisible, but very real.

I see something like this in what we perceive as mood. If I’m in a great mood and my husband is in a rotten one, I can usually fight off his bad “vibe” for an hour or two. Eventually, the powers within me break down and my mood sours. Invariably, when this happens, his mood brightens. Is it possible that he transferred something to me because I opened myself to receive it?

Call it mood or call it energy, things are going around. Sometimes this energy carries thoughts. Perhaps we usually pick up thoughts from those closest to us because we let down our guard to receive them.

My book series will include aliens who feed off what we perceive as emotional energy. Is this a skill we humans may someday acquire? Or do you think we already possess it?