I think our special mission on this ball of mass flying through space is to discover and ultimately commune with entities, powers, and beings that evade our normal physical senses but are none the less present.  Every time the hair stands up on the back of your neck, you see a fleeting shape from the corner of you eye, or you turn around suddenly to see what is looking at you, some sensory perception we don’t understand has alerted you to a presence.  I think as we further explore and learn about these perceptions and feelings we will discover another dimension of beings that want to interact with us and from who we have much to learn.  I look forward to other posts to this site exploring these weird but normal experiences.

What I am wondering about and researching currently is the change to the timeline a few years back that has mixed us up with a parallel world.  The term has been called the Mandela effect and much has been written about it.  Some pretty lame examples exist on the web but I personally found old paint spots from a room I painted years ago that I know were not there before.  I also have people that I am close to that have completely different recollections of events that occurred in the past, events that we shared.  If you haven’t heard much about it do a search and check it out!  I would be interested if anyone has personal things that they have noticed.

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  1. yablog Post author

    Lea, thanks for posting! I hope other visitors will comment on your post as well.
    I love what you said about other entities around us. I think about the blind, eyeless fish that live deep in the ocean where there is no sunlight. If we brought them close to the surface, they could not see the sun or the light from our flashlights, but that wouldn’t mean these things don’t exist. They couldn’t see us either, but might get a sense of our movement in the water nearby. Would they feel like we do, as if they were being watched by some invisible presence? Our senses, wonderful as they are, may be terribly inadequate at revealing everything that surrounds us.
    I will check out the Mandela Effect. Please keep writing and sharing your thoughts!

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